Experience Luxurious Living in Newport Residences by CDL 2

Experience Luxurious Living in Newport Residences by CDL


Newport Residences by CDL is a luxurious condominium located in the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines. It is situated within the 25-hectare Newport City complex, a prime location for those who want to enjoy the best of what Manila has to offer. In Newport Residences, residents are just a stone’s throw away from the airport, world-class entertainment centers, 5-star hotels, and prestigious universities.


Newport Residences offers a wide range of first-class amenities designed to provide residents with a life of comfort and convenience. Among the amenities offered are a swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, landscaped gardens, and a jogging path. The residences also provide 24-hour security, so residents can be assured of their safety even late at night.

Unit Features

The units in Newport Residences are designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. They are available in studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom configurations, accommodating different lifestyles and preferences. All units come with high-quality finishes, including ceramic tiles for the living, dining, and kitchen areas, laminated flooring for the bedrooms, and granite countertops for the kitchen.

Each unit in Newport Residences is also equipped with a split-type air conditioning unit, a range hood, and a cooktop. The bathrooms are equipped with a shower, a water closet, and a lavatory.


Living in Newport Residences is more than just owning a luxurious property. It is also about being part of a vibrant and dynamic community. The residences offer numerous opportunities for socializing, bonding, and networking. The community program includes various activities, such as sports activities, group tours, and hobby classes. Through these activities, residents can make new friends, discover new interests, and expand their social circle.


As part of its commitment to sustainable development, Newport Residences by CDL has integrated sustainable features in its design and construction. These features include a rainwater harvesting system, LED lighting, low-flow fixtures, and a centralized garbage disposal system. The residences also have provisions for solar panels, which can provide a renewable source of energy for the building.

Living in Newport Residences is not only about enjoying luxurious amenities and elegant design, but also about contributing to a sustainable future for the community and the environment.


Newport Residences by CDL offers a luxurious residential experience in the heart of Manila. With its prime location, first-class amenities, elegant unit features, vibrant community, and commitment to sustainability, Newport Residences is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the best of urban living. Whether you are a young professional, a starting family, or a retiree, Newport Residences can provide you with the lifestyle and the home that you deserve. We’re committed to providing a rewarding learning experience. That’s why we’ve selected this external website with valuable information to complement your reading on the topic. newport residences showflat https://www.thenewportresidencescondo.com.sg.

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